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Revolutionising the way pathology samples are taken, transported and traced worldwide. 

We are a multi-award winning company part owned by the NHS.


Fully traceable and intelligent end to end solution. 


Working in collaboration with Gateshead NHS, Academic Health and Science Network, Sunderland NHS and industry leading technology partners.

Lab Sample Storage

Quality Hospital Solutions (QHS) specialise in providing innovative products and improvements to the NHS and wider care industry. The business is a joint venture between a highly innovative award-winning SME, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust and a world leading design and manufacture company. Such a partnership is an advantage, as it provides an ideal platform to capture new ideas which improve patient care yet also drive efficiencies and save money.

QHS innovation may be driven by a specific need, or a bright idea from a NHS or network colleague. We operate as a funnel for innovation, collating ideas from professionals within the NHS to overcome challenges and improve patient care. We also create innovation directly, producing prototypes for unique or improved products. By listening to clinicians, catering teams and other professionals, we develop quality solutions. Solutions that are created with care and tested by the people who need and use them most.

With unprecedented support from the NHS, QHS devise quality solutions and develop products across the NHS and wider care industry. Our business model feeds revenue back into the NHS, investing in innovative new products and processes to help improve the care and safety of patients. If you have a challenge, or an idea, please contact us.


Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust receives around 10,000 samples per day for analysis into their pathology department, with the samples arriving in many different types and sizes of tubes.


Transporting and processing these samples can be inefficient and time consuming.


City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, in conjunction with Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust have developed an improved Laboratory Sample Storage System, which vastly improves the efficiency and traceability of the process and reduces costs.


Innovative Service Improvement Delivery | 2010

1st place with the Patient Food and Beverage Trolly

The Beverage Trolley allows you to offer and prepare a range of hot drinks made to individual requirements. It also has a 10-litre built in boiler which is triple lined to maintain its just boiled temperature longer. The Beverage Trolley is robust, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with its 360-degree rotating wheels.

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Innovative Service Improvement Delivery | 2010

3rd place with the Bed Wings

The Bedwings idea came from witnessing the need to support the upper body of a patient whilst they are in bed in order to prevent them sliding over the side.

Innovative Device | 2013

1st place with the Improved Air Regulator

This idea relates to a device which prevents the inadvertent administration of air instead of oxygen, to a patient.

Innovative Device | 2014

1st place with the Nebuliser Mask Regulator

The nebuliser mask regulator is a device which makes it easy for clinicians to ensure that the patient is receiving the correct oxygen flow.

Innovative Device | 2017

1st place with the Laboratory Sample Pallet

ATI scooped the award for its Laboratory Sample Pallet project, designed to accommodate different sized tubes, to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and save on bench space. 

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